About the project

The followenglish podcast started back in January 2014 as a way to share some of my insights and knowledge with language learners and the ELT community at large. For me, it is much more than a hobby – I try to have fun doing it! It’s a way to somehow make a contribution and help learners around the world.

Marcos Gazzana

Personally, I believe that listening is the most important skill to practice in order to learn a foreign language and to improve vocabulary. By developing their listening skills learners can not only learn new words and new structures, but they can also gain confidence to interact in the target language in social contexts. And nowadays, with all the smartphones and devices we have out there it is so easy to listen to English on the go. So, I thought that by doing this podcast I could make a humble, but valuable contribution to help learners from other countries who have busy routines and want to learn English.

The numbers

Listeners from more than 70 countries downloaded the episodes and in 2014 and the average download rate was above 60 downloads per day. In 2015, this number increased even more, listeners from more than 100 countries downloaded the episodes and the average download rate reached 85 downloads per day. Still in 2015, the followenglish podcast reached 50,000 downloads. In 2016, I had to slow down a bit as my working schedule is even busier, but the numbers are still high with more than 1500 downloads per month on average. This motivates me to keep the project going and to find time in the middle of my hectic schedule to record new episodes and interviews.

March 2020. Episode 0190 – The impact of COVID-19 on ELT and proficiency exams

In the following years the number of downloads were even lower as the episodes became even less frequent. The followenglish podcast finally reached 100,000 downloads in 2019 with listeners from more than 130 countries. The plan now is to reach 200 episodes in 2020.

Hope you are all learning something! Keep following, keep listening!

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