FE pod ep 0116 – Questions with ‘how’ and ‘what… like?’

In this episode I talk about the difference between questions with ‘how’ and ‘what… like?’. I basically give examples of questions starting with ‘how’ and ‘what… like?’ and discuss their meaning.

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  1. Hello teacher! Thanks for so great content. Someone could ask “Great?”, commenting about basic materials, but the matter is: Good explanations about the basics make a huge difference, not to mention Michael Jordan talking about how he became a fantastic basketball player “fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals”. Practicing the basics at the exhaustion point it is only possible for those who are deeply motivated. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for the kind message Sergio! I try to keep the topics simple and the episodes short, but sometimes it is not easy as there are always many aspects and variables in language. Keep listening, keep learning!

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